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Un vinificateur passionné remporte le GRAND PRIX

The passion and pride that drive artisans winemakers when they present their own thought was demonstrated once again when winemakers international amateur competition in 2015 the magazine winemaker. Wally Hemming – winner in the category of kits / concentrated – certainly embodies vinophile passion.

Anecdotally, Wally did not expect to grab the grand prize when he decided on a whim to submit to the contest, a bottle of Spanish Tempranillo Monastrell its RQ signed Blog2_InText (1)RJS Craft Winemaking – the last in his basement – because that it “seemed like a good age.” Unfortunately for those who would like to taste the raw winner, Wally did more, he bitterly regrets the way … and we!

Here Wally Hemming, grand prize winner in the category Kit / concentrates

Wally lives in Headingley, Manitoba. Amateur winemaker for over 35 years, he remembers started making wine in metal cans, since he did not have access to all the material that we are fortunate to have today.

As he explains, “It all started with a gift that gave me a friend who came to visit me at the cottage: a bottle of wine he had produced himself. I really hesitated to open it. I, who considered myself as a vinophile then, I imagined (wrongly as many people) a wine house could not be equal. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality. And that’s where I discovered a passion for artisanal winemaking. ”

Blog2_InText (2)Most craftsmen winemakers will tell you that it is the quality of the kit that makes all the difference! A quality wine kit gives comparable to popular commercial wines. Wally is quite agree. When talking with him, one soon realizes that the secret of good wines (quality aside kit) is simply that he loves making wine.

He describes his hobby as a “story of the heart” and said experience a great joy to share his thought with his parents and friends. Her biggest motivation is to see the delight on their faces and hear their praise as they are to taste a good bottle.

Wally is a customer of Hop & Vine, a store of RJS Craft Winemaking Academy in Winnipeg. There he obtains his heels RJS and supplies for making wine. For the owner, Willie McNair, “These are the stories like Wally which we derive a great satisfaction of our artisanal winemaking business. “Added to these events as the annual competition for amateur winemakers Winemaker magazine that showcases the pride and enthusiasm of the artisan winemakers.

RJS joins the team of Hop & Vine to congratulate Wally, winner of this year. Take this opportunity to wish all the best craftsmen winemakers opportunities for the contest next year.


Three tips Wally Hemming craftsmen winemakers:

  • Keep your perfectly clean equipment
  • Observe good practices cellaring
  • Be patient! (let age your wine)




The magazine winemaker has authorized the use of its trademark and competition results protected by the copyright Winemaker International Amateur Wine Competition.

For more information on the contest, visit  www.winemakermag.com