Chère clientèle,
veuillez prendre note que l'entreprise est en pleine transformation! Les Vignes de Vaudreuil ont récemment fusionné avec La cachette du Bootlegger pour donner naissance à Vignes et houblon. Vous pouvez désormais nous visiter dans notre nouvel emplacement situé au 18, avenue Besner, Vaudreuil-Dorion.
Nous offrons une grande sélection de trousses de vin, un centre de vinification, le remplissage d'eau pure, mais également l'échange de cylindres de CO2 (type Soda) et une grande sélection de produits destinés à la bière, notamment des grains, levures et houblons, ainsi que des cours de brassage. Mais surtout, nous sommes engagés à vous offrir la même qualité de service à la clientèle que vous avez obtenu au fil des années.
En attendant de pouvoir vous offrir un nouveau site Web, nous vous invitons à consulter notre liste de produits disponibles en temps réel sur cette boutique en ligne: https://boutique.cachettedubootlegger.ca/
Vous pouvez également communiquer avec nous par courriel : info@vignesethoublon.ca, par téléphone au 514-457-1455 ou en passant nous voir sur place!
Au plaisir de vous accueillir!
Nancy et Luc

Série Visite des vignobles : Toscane

Tuscany. Are there any other word that evokes more immediately to mind the image of winding country roads lined with cypress trees under a bright blue sky? Roads, which mostly lead to some of the largest vineyards on earth. Tuscany offers a pleasant and peaceful journey to the land of the senses, mind and above the palace. Moreover, a visit to one of its many wineries is a great way to discover some of the best agreements possible food and wine in the world.

Sunny fields in Tuscany, Italy

Region with a rich past, Tuscany was settled by the Etruscans in the eighth century BC and the history of its viticulture dates back to that time. Its main grape is Sangiovese, which has many sub-varieties and clones, since developed genetic mutations according to the climate and soil where it grows. Its organoleptic profile is delicate aromas of flowers and strawberries in the name Montefalco rosso, with deep and dark tannic wines in Montalcino. But whatever its soil, there is always a cherry aromas with discrete shades of tomato.

Quintessential food wine, Sangiovese is a good solution to the food and wine that can be difficult. It blends particularly well with dishes with tomatoes and herbs, which highlight the more fruity flavors and tannins are amadoués by olive oil. It is a good companion to other Tuscan specialties such as grilled red meat, white beans and mushrooms. In its lighter styles, it goes well with grilled fish. Our Style Italian Sangiovese Cru Select, meals perfect companion book to the nose expressive aromas of ripe plum and black cherry, and then seduces the palate with an explosion of blackberry, plum and vanilla.

It was in Tuscany that we find the most developed indigenous wines. Collectively called “Super Tuscans” – an unofficial name of red wines containing at least 85% of local grape varieties, but the sangiovese can not be majority – they often come from a blend with Bordeaux varieties typically Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

In_textSuper Tuscans business today among the red wines of Italy’s most esteemed and dearest. Why pay top dollar when you can make yours yourself from RJS Craft Winemaking kits signed as the kit Super Tuscan Winery Cellar Classic Series? You will get a full-bodied wine that accommodates well appetizers. For example, it has no equal with a rich antipasto composed of hard cheeses and a selection of Italian meats. It is also simply delicious with portabello mushrooms stuffed or bruschetta.

Italian vineyards produce grapes that give some of the most delicious wines that will give you a taste. There is perhaps not best way to capture this rich wine history by creating your own Tuscan-inspired event, betting, needless to say, your handcrafted wines Tuscan style. Alla Salute killed!